Wednesday, May 4, 2011

India Tourism Guide

West India tours are one to unleash historic splendor of legendary Shivaji’s Maharashtra and to splurge in the geographic treasures of beachside beauty of Goa and many other states and cities edged on the west coast of India. A multi-cultural concoction welcomes you at these cities whose culture and cuisine will further impress and inspire you. On tours to West India the cities one must visit are Goa and Mumbai. For these help a traveler understand the culture of the entire region, to enjoy its culinary fiestas, gives opportunity to be a part of the region’s fabulous festivities, enjoy their colorful religious customs and to indulge in their mindless fun and frolic activities.

On these West India tour packages Goan charm will sweep you off your feet while, traffic-clogged Mumbai will give you respite at its cool and tipsy nightclubs and lounges. Enjoy sounds, smells and sights of historic edifices, sprawling malls and fashion streets of Mumbai and admire in Goan camaraderie and Portuguese churches; read further for more details about these sights:
Goan Gaiety: ‘Ibiza of East’ Goa by all means is the ultimate party town. Its beach side parties, colonial age churches, dazzling carnivals, sumptuous cuisines and cocktails and bonhomie in its people’s nature are all qualities that draws hundreds of party fanatics to its shores. Its innate character of a jovial town is most attractive feature and is only made more lovable by the beauty of its sun-kissed and palm fringed beaches; surrounding emerald hues further elevate the effect of the most romantic settings at Goa. Nowhere else in India will you find the soothing serenity of its beaches and chilled-out languidness of its afternoon siesta.

Chilies, Cinema & Clubs at Mumbai: Another must visit destination on all West India tours Mumbai attracts movie buffs, creative people, industrialists and professionals with intense magnetism. This town by the ocean is renowned for its spicy Chat (a kind of snack), its crowded streets, sprawling big malls at every road corner and most happening clubs. The city of Hindi Film Industry, Mumbai is indeed the Dream City for thousands of youngsters who aim to make it big on the Big Screen and its historic heritage is well-preserved in its fascinating lanes. It is the industrial center of the country with stock exchange and various big multinational companies, its markets selling off latest trends and in its darker corners it has Dharavi, the biggest slum of Asia. Mumbai indeed possesses an assortment of paradoxes. It is these very confusing, loud, vivacious, colorful, humble and amicable characteristics of the city that makes everyone fall in love with it.

To penetrate deep inside the skin of these cities one must have a taste of its real life and the best way letting the arms open to be able to smell, touch and see deep behind the gritty surface. It could be savoring authentic cuisines, or by sharing a cup of tea at some tea stall with locals, or could be uttering “hello” to the fellow traveler in the local train; giving side to your fears and going up-close and personal with the region is the best way to enjoy tours to West India.

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